Lately… I’ve been…I’ve been thinking. I want the world to be happier. I want to see it’s residents working together for the benefit of all.
So how does one even attempt to do that? What type of energy should one put forth into the universe to strive for such an ambitious notion? Let’s see.
I’ve noticed for some time now that there’s always a side to take. Lines are drawn and you have to choose. Once you do, you have clear allies and even clearer enemies. And I won’t lie, I’ve occasionally felt pressure to pick one of those sides. Sometimes I do, in order to appease my challenger, and other times I refrain and revert to a more passive self, not wishing to agitate anyone at all.
But that doesn’t feel right to me. It doesn’t feel natural. I don’t believe sides are the answer. I don’t believe one side is right or must defeat the other. To me that sounds counterintuitive and counterproductive. Red vs blue. Elephant vs donkey (so weird out of context). PPE vs lack thereof. Recycle vs screw it. At the end of the day it’s division. Long division if you will. Because it feels like we’ve been divided for soooo long…
Our problems in this country are profound and abundant. To me personally, it feels as though those problems stem from division. Rather than implement solutions to our country’s problems, we find a way to draw a line in the sand about which solution is the right one and then deadlock over it. Blocking the other side or overruling now then rolling back later, rather than possibly compromising and actually seeing progress or coming together to form a collective solution. I think we as a whole people in this country and the world can admit things aren’t going ideally and don’t seem to even be heading in that direction. That alone is a cause we could all get behind. Coming together and reaching an agreement to strive for a better way of life for all could potentially yield positive results for everyone. Example: We put a great deal of effort and financial backing into institutions like our military and law enforcement. That can be interpreted as we need to be more fortified AGAINST anyone outside of this country AND those inside this country. Right there I see us drawing a line between our country and the world as well as our citizens and those sworn to serve and protect them. Idea: Rather than bolster that which could be seen as intimidating, why not take a little more of that funding and put it into our education system and communities. Better schools and more abundant, productive activities outside of schools could churn out more productive members of society who will have more drive and opportunities to become individuals that wish to stimulate the economy and improve life domestically and internationally. And many of those educated intellectuals will certainly want to volunteer for the military or law enforcement to do real good in this world and prevent further harm to it.
Then perhaps the world will see we would rather provide it with smart, forward-thinking individuals who want to see the advancement of the human race moreso than a massive group with which we would use to police it.
Imagine if every country felt that way. Rather than police or terrorize each other, why not educate ourselves and each other. Stimulate the brains of ourselves and our youth. Create in them and us a sense of pride to be here in this world, this country, this state, this town, with those around us. Rather than trading insults or injuries, trade knowledge. Learn about one another so we don’t have a reason to fear one another. We won’t feel a need to draw any lines and hop to opposing sides then bicker over who hopped to the correct side.
I think we as a whole could strive for a better, happier tomorrow and I think we could do it together. We can put forth some positive energy and watch it come back million-fold.
What’s that famous, old adage?
Oh yeah: “United we stand, divided we fall.” Think about it and feel free to share your thoughts.


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