Brown Skin

Falling. A sensation we all experience at some point during this journey called life.

When I slip and fall, you lift me up.

Holding me close to your brown skin, I look into your brown eyes to see love and hope staring back.

Your bosom was the very first home I’d ever known since entering this realm.

Your warm brown skin the first thing mine ever touched.

Your words the first to ever enter my ears.

Whispering hopes and dreams straight from the heart.

Yet, time turns those words into wishes for safety and survival in a world growing colder.

You knew there would be times when I’d have to shake off the hate like dirt on my shoulder.

That the skin I wear so proud would be a target for those ignorant of its beauty.

All you ever wanted was for me to look in the mirror and love what stared back at me.

You taught me to respect my neighbor even when it wasn’t returned.

That respect should always be given but my love must be earned.

Even if that brown skin gifted to me would make it harder for some to see through me.

You emphasized that there was no limit to what I could grow up to be.

You taught me that I’m enough, I have value, I matter.

Because I was born of and raised by; a strong black woman.


Story Time – CHOSEN Origins Pt. 1

The dragon king, Arturus, grew tired of the barbaric, self-destructive homo-sapiens, beings that through their own power, helped evolve.

“They are ungrateful, and a danger to themselves and everything around them!” The mighty king would often proclaim. “They multiply and spread like a locust, devouring the lands they inhabit and the creatures they encounter.”

The dragon king and the clans under his rule had the power to eradicate this new, fledgling threat, but the raw, chaotic energy required would in turn destroy the entire planet, and quite possibly the surrounding universe. The risk was too great.

Evolving so close to the Source, humans learned to harness the energy of the planet as well. Fortunately, they were still young, and their magic primitive. But they used it, and grew with it nonetheless. Eventually, they waged war on each other, using this magic. They even attacked the dragons on occasion, though this was usually met with unbridled punishment. Still, it began taking a toll on the planet that birthed them all. 

Rather than resort to such a dire solution, the king settled on a different spell. One that would transport the dragon clans to a new world where they could live and flourish, without the threat of such resilient pests.

“Let the humans destroy themselves,” the king proclaimed as he made the official announcement. “They do not possess the power to affect anything more than their own little civilizations. The rest of the universe will be better off for it.”

The other clans were apprehensive at first, but they had all experienced the emerging crisis that was the human race. One after another, each clan fell in line, ready to bid farewell to the planet that birthed them. It was for the greater good. Planet Earth was special, in ways the humans would hopefully, never find out.

So, Arturus and his draconic advisors devised a powerful spell, and plan to leave the world they ruled for over a millennium, in order to find peace elsewhere in the galaxy. The spell took a full century to complete. As time went on, the dragons toiled in secret, retracting themselves from the known world and becoming nothing more than myth and legend to the ever-evolving human population. The dragons watched in horror as mankind grew more intelligent and even more violent toward their own. Their magic growing just as dark and unstable as their behavior.

Nearly complete, it was determined the spell would work, but as a result, the dragon population had to absorb all the magic currently flowing throughout the world, and the knowledge of such energy became nothing more than fantasy. There were, on rare occasion, sightings of dragons who happened to be curious or careless enough to be spotted by human eyes, but this only ended in conspiracy toward those who claimed to have laid eyes on the winged lords.

There were even stories of those who encountered and fought dragons on adventures deep within dungeons. Though few ever survived an encounter, evidence was sometimes discovered in the way of claw marks or elemental burns (For different dragon clans commanded different elements). 

In the end, the spell warped all of dragon-kind to a remote planet in a galaxy far from their origin. 

Here, King Arturus named their new home, Arterion, after his father, and his father’s namesake, their ancestor. Arterion was also the first dragon and one of the first beings to inhabit Planet Earth. An homage to both his familial legacy and their former homeworld.

The Source was drained and Man was left without magic, sending them back to the Stone Age to start over. Their magical history no more than legend, just as are the dragons themselves.


Useless. Helpless. Heart-broken. There is no other way I could describe the way I felt as I received the most devastating news of my life. The doctor left the examination space while my father lay on a cot. Cancer. The gigantic C that claims lives every day, yet I never anticipated it happening to myself or someone I love. I went rigid in the uncomfortable chair just two feet from where my father lay. I looked into his eyes, a difficult thing for me to do on a regular day, too intimate. The windows to the soul are powerful indicators of what someone is thinking when you know what to look for. This time, however, there was nowhere else I could place my gaze. He met it with his own naturally serene stare.

“How are you feeling?” I asked, struggling to swallow the lump that lodged itself in my throat.

“I’m okay, Son,” he said, his voice not even cracking. The water welling up in my eyes broke the barrier my eyelids created and two tears traveled down my cheeks. Here was this man, remaining stoic while just being informed that he was about to endure the greatest challenge of his life, and I could barely keep it together.

“We’re going to have to tell Mom,” I said, trying to think of anything else other than how incredibly terrified I was to lose my father, my role model, my mentor.

Fast-forward six months. My father has been a true champion. Doing everything he was told by the experts he consulted. Still working every day, refusing to take any time away from work and those that looked to him for healing, solace, or closure. Treatment was no walk in the park, and even though he never let it show, those closest to him, like myself, knew the toll it took. Nevertheless, he pressed on, at work and after. My mother, the bravest and strongest of us all, just enduring a loss of her own prior to the devastating news, was there every step of the way. She was, is and remains the glue of this family.

The fight continued on. Trips to specialists and research into alternative medicines was the post-work priority. Potential solutions and possibilities gave hope, while treatments and therapies ravaged my father’s health. It’s wild how the thing that’s supposed to save our life during this battle can just as easily be our undoing. And yet, it remains the primary form of treating such a deadly adversary. We went on this way for what felt like years. I did whatever I could to help, which usually took the form of managing our family business, while my parents worked tirelessly to find a means to provide my father with more time. With a chance to watch my brother and I hit those milestones in life that parents dream of when they first bring their children into this cold world.

I learned the definition of metastasized years ago in biology class. The word did not carry nearly as much weight then as it did when it was being described to me again on that sunny, summer day. My dad’s cancer has spread to other organs in his body. We were losing the fight like we stepped into the ring with our hands tied behind our back. I felt utterly powerless. I was going to lose my father and there was nothing I or anyone could do about it. Was I supposed to just accept it and wait for the inevitable? Was there absolutely nothing that could be done? I refused to believe it.

I had been on my own spiritual journey before my family was assailed by this indiscriminate disease. The universe is the most powerful force in existence. It is everything in us and around us and I had recently learned that one can interact with it through sheer faith and will. I remember the day after I learned my father’s cancer had reached stage 4. I was on my way to the office and my mind was racing with Why’s and What if’s. Then I decided, instead of letting fear take hold of me, I would use this raw emotion for something positive. I cried out aloud and mentally, putting my all of my faith and my will into a genuine decree.

“I trust you!” I called to the divine forces of this reality. “I know there is a plan and therefore I put my trust in you, the universe. You will do right by me and mine, and in return I will dedicate myself from this day forth to doing right by this world. Regardless of what happens, I trust you.”

It was all I had. So much was out of my hands, out of my control. It was a bittersweet serenity, but it was all I could manage. What happened next, I would accept wholeheartedly.

A few weeks, many rough treatments and plenty of struggles later, my parents caught wind of a powerful antioxidant in the form of a tea originally made in Canada. We had tried everything else, why not this last resort. This tea, Flor-Essence, is an infusion of herbs designed to stimulate the immune system. My parents purchased enough to last the next few months. My father would drink it several times a day in an effort to cleanse his body and assist his immune system in the war against a nearly unbeatable foe. He kept to this new routine and I maintained my faith in the universe as well as my promise to be beacon of positivity and kindness.

My father continued his treatment and monthly check-ups. When I received the news on that unforgettable day that my father’s cancer cells were shrinking, I didn’t want to jinx what could be life-changing news. So, I kept the faith but I knew the fight was far from over. If I’ve ever witnessed a miracle in the past, I did not fully recognize it for what it was. Probably chalked it up to coincidence if I even acknowledged it at all. With each doctor visit, however, news consistently stated the tumors remained stagnant or continued to shrink. A possible light at the end of this pitch black tunnel began to glow. Still, my parents kept the strict tea regiment and completely revamped their diet. It was after all, a team effort.

Then one day, after all the fighting, the struggles, and the hardships, there was one check-up with incomprehensible results. They were gone. The tumors were just gone. Shrunken into non-existence, if I remember correctly. Like I said, miracles weren’t something I looked for in life. But, I never forgot the day that I put my trust in the universe and soon after, my parents discovered the tea that we all believe paved the way for my father’s cancer treatment to do what it was meant to do. Of course, we don’t believe that this tea was a cure. It was a monumental effort on their part to turn my dad’s health around and make his body strong enough to win the war. The tea, I like to think, was like Gandalf’s cavalry arriving last minute at the Battle of Minas Tirith. For you non-LOTR fans, it was like any other cavalry arriving at the last minute to reinforce and reinvigorate his body’s immune system.

To this day, he maintains his routine of drinking that tea. My mother even drinks it on occasion. I still trust the universe wholeheartedly, knowing that the divine is not just here among us, but IS us. We are the universe and we need to take care of each other and ourselves. For when we do right by our neighbor and ourselves, we are rewarded in the most meaningful ways. That is how angels manifest in this world. Not just knowing this but acting on it is nothing short of divine.

The Light and the dark

This universe and everything in it is contrived of balancing forces.Light and dark, yin and yang.There’s so much darkness in the world now. We often forget that there is always light to balance it out. We just don’t realize that the light doesn’t shine for us but from us.We must be the light that shines and keeps the darkness at bay. Instead, we see the dark consume our minds and render us scared, looking for anything that remotely resembles salvation to shine on us. We forget we are the light of our own world and neglecting it can cause it to dim and fade.When the world seems to be at it’s darkest, there is no better time to look within. For if we do not acknowledge our own light and darkness falls upon us, then we end up grasping at the next light to shine on us. You don’t know where that light is from or who is behind it, all you can do is reach out blindly and hold on because a strange unknown light is better than the dark.

I’m listening

I’m just going to jump right in. We don’t listen anymore. We stopped listening to each other and we don’t hear ourselves. When you listen to what someone else has to say, they feel valued, they feel like what they have to say matters, they feel self-worth. Listening to one another is up-lifting. We are a society deafened by ourselves. Social media has connected the world and given everyone with a mobile device a platform of their own. But if everyone uses it to speak, who is left to listen? While it does provide avenues where real communication can still flourish, much of that is overshadowed by the millions talking at each other, rather than to each other. One can be followed by millions yet heard by a handful. Sure these superficial means have superficial ends, but there are tragic means with tragic ends.We’ve seen tragedy strike when those that have sworn to protect and serve their community don’t listen when they’re told “I can’t breathe”, “you have the wrong house”, “I’m just reaching for my phone” “I’m just reaching for my wallet”, “I’m innocent” or “it wasn’t him”. Lives are lost…When we cry out to our own elected officials for change or reform, for equality or a fair chance, and yet all they hear are threats to their way of life, or the system that they created and maintain as the unyielding status quo.Peaceful protests for an equal and just society go ignored when a select few seize the opportunity to cause anarchy.It’s become too easy to be distracted by pathological narcissism when it runs the country and floods our media. Or when civil rights are ignored or violated by the pride, ego, and greed of those we’ve elected into office.We need to stop assuming we can sleep in the back seat while our elected officials take the wheel. We the people must be heard. Our vote is our voice but it is not our only form of speech. We choose our leaders therefore we must hold them accountable when they do not act in the best interest of all of us. We must make them listen. And if they refuse then it is up to us the people to choose those that will. If we are to be represented in the world by a chosen few, they must have our best interests in mind. And how will that be possible, if they do not listen?I choose to listen. I listen because I care. I listen because I understand everyone has something to say and it is worth it to listen. Communication is a key component to success. So know that when you, the people of this country, of this world, wish to speak, know that I hear you. I’m listening.

Ignorance is Turmoil

They say “ignorance is bliss”. I believe ignorance is turmoil. I don’t mean in a sense that a lack of knowledge about the world will cause distress. I mean a lack of understanding our influence over this world can be detrimental to our journey in it.

It’s Monday morning. You wake up feeling freshly sober from the relaxing high of the weekend past. You have little expectation for the coming week, a blank slate. Yet, as you get out of bed, you stub your toe, or step on a child’s toy or even a dog toy, immediately associating your first impression of the day with pain and negativity. You find that the same culprit of your first interaction with the day has had an accident that requires your immediate attention and your routine is already running behind. It doesn’t have to be these exact occurrences but any series of unfortunate events that can deter you from beginning your day in a positive manner. You’re ultimately late for work and you end up chastised for it by your supervisor. Knowing it wasn’t your fault, it’s hard not to feel like the universe is conspiring against you today and even harder keeping it from showing in your language (verbal and body).

Your outward show of disdain for the recently transpiring events doesn’t go unnoticed by your superior and peers. Their attitude towards you simply reflects your own in that moment and even though your feelings may have been fleeting, their impression of you has changed and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Feeling a little alienated in the workplace, you are distracted and unable to apply yourself in your usual manner. Now your supervisor sees your attitude AND your performance slip. You are warned that both must improve or it will be reflected in your annual review. That’s a threat to your raise, promotion and advancement in life; and that’s exactly the way you see it because, well, your day has tanked your mood and you’re encompassed in negative energy. You can’t help but take it home with you where your temper is a little shorter and/or you’re less engaged with your family. And guess what? It doesn’t go unnoticed.

We all have the power to influence the world around us. Those closest to us and even those we don’t know can be affected by how we conduct ourselves in this world and the energy we put into it. Too many of us are walking around today utterly oblivious to this fact and so ignorant to it that we just assume it’s someone else’s doing or quite simply the universe working against us. Either way it is out of our hands and we must just endure it while it lasts. And last it does. At times it seems like we just have a permanent rain cloud hovering over our head and only our head. And yet, the last person we would think is the cause is ourselves. We continue reeling in negativity while the rest of the world lives a carefree life. Thus, creating within us more feelings of contempt and a greater potential to lash out at the world around us.

We must understand that when the universe tests us, we have to rise to the occasion and overcome any challenge posed to us. Be it a series of small, yet unfortunate events that cause us to “wake up on the wrong side of the bed”; or even greater challenges that could affect our very way of life. We must face them head on with the knowledge and confidence that tackling life with positive energy will return it to us ten-fold.

What we believe, we create.

It’s too easy to feel antagonized by life and therefore treat it like the antagonist of our story. But then it will become that nemesis to us. But if we treat life like the gift and opportunity for greatness that it is, there’s no telling what kind of blessings it will return to us. This does not mean that being happy 24/7 will mean life will be blissful all the time.

Nothing worth having comes easy.

Our lives are shaped by our own outlook. We can either see life’s hurdles as a test to make us better or we can see it as another gutt-punch we don’t deserve. Each path will lead to very different outcomes. What we want to avoid is the ignorance of this reality. The fact that we directly influence this world with the energy we put out and the attitude we maintain. If we are ignorant to this notion, we could very well live a life of turmoil and have absolutely no idea why.


A journey into self produces the energies
Reborn in the form of untold prophecies
The hero no one wants but everybody needs
School em so hard
Had to sign their degrees
With skills I increase and ascend without fail
The power manifests in this young black male
Larger than life, but never drawn to scale

I stumbled into this pretty ironically
But I’m here now b*tch and there aint no stoppin me
So now I have see if this can possibly
take me to the top meteorically metaphorically
They’ll think a ni**a was a plant for the industry

But I’m just tryna breach the gates to reach the supreme
Riding on the faith as a black elohim
They accuse you of a scheme when you achieve a higher being
When really they have a problem believing what they are seeing
Rising to the top shattering the glass ceiling.
So they try appealing by throwing money at the ceiling
When in reality its ya soul that they’re stealing
Leaving you with a sense that there is no better feeling

So I’ll command their respect, its the best place to start.
Cosmic energy and the body never part.
Appeal to the stars with a genuine art
Spreading wings of light as the angel thou art
Evolving in a sense that strikes fear in their heart.

Enemies do their part looking for ways to attack
You when you’ve risen high above the pack
It’s lonely at the top when youre standing on a stack
Of haters looking up forming a devious pact.
To remove you from your place where you stand as a king
No matter how much happiness you think that you bring.
They all show disdain like you hold the one ring

You are Power

Hello folks. It’s your friendly neighborhood Positivity Man. Believe me, the power is real. And the power is yours!

Now, our country (and the world) is fast approaching a very pivotal, dare I say historic, moment in time. The election will be at our doorstep before we know it. So let us use another power of ours and vote.
But, don’t just vote for one person because you don’t like the other. Don’t vote for one side because someone close to you told you it’s the right side or the only side. Make your vote count. It’s your power. Do not use it in vain, use it for it’s intended purpose. Vote for the betterment of all. Vote to move mankind forward, instead of backwards or stagnant. We are more divided today than we have been in a very long time. So vote for unity. Vote for united states, and an end to the divided states.

In the last four years, we’ve seen our leadership alienate us from our friends and allies both at home and outside. Walls have been called for, travel to and from countries has been forbidden. There’s even been outright name-calling. Our government has conducted itself amidst the rest of the world like a middle school playground.
We were a nation that maintained peace and progress. Sure we still had a lot of work to do on ourselves but we knew hope and progress. We were the nation that prided itself on taking in those seeking opportunity and making their dreams come true. Now there are travel restrictions and border closures around the globe that prohibit us from visiting other nations and vice versa. It sounds like that wall is being built after all, yet we’re trapped inside with a pandemic running rampant. Enough is enough.
The time has come for us to take action. Let’s use our vote, our voice, our power to restore love, unity, and progress. Don’t let it be for nothing. So much depends on you and I. We’re all in this together.

A Letter to 46

Mr. Vice President,

I hope this message reaches you, though I know you get millions of these on a daily basis.

I’m typically the type to keep my feelings to myself, and process them quietly. But as the world cries out in pain over another heartbreaking, unjust murder, I felt the need to finally speak my mind. Not just to my significant other, but to you and anyone else who chooses to read this.

I am a 30-year old African-American man whose entire life, like countless others, has been shaped by the dangerously unjust system by which “law and order” is enforced. Growing up in Long, Island, NY, I was told at an early age to stay away from cops. If I saw one, I was to run home immediately. It was a confusing notion for a small child to comprehend at the time. Police cars literally read, “Protect and Serve”. I thought they were the good guys. It wasn’t until a few years later, I understood that as a young black male, I was a potential target. With crime in my neighborhood increasing, my parents knew I was more likely to be profiled as a criminal.

Eventually, I became more inclined to stay home, developing hobbies that kept me indoors. Going outside meant I had to watch my own back, be constantly aware of my surroundings and give law enforcement zero reasons to look in my direction. It was not just police I had to fear, but anyone who was oppressed by the economic or criminal justice system of this country. Beaten down to a point where they felt the need to take what someone else had because they believed they were out of options.

I say all of that to say this: You say leaders listen, and I hope that’s true.You have a very unique opportunity here. The current occupant of the White House, let’s call him the joker (too much face makeup and a pension for anarchy…sorry DC), is making it exceedingly easy for you to win this election. You run on the platform of defeating him. Well, he’s basically handing you this election on a silver platter. Sure, 2020 is a dumpster fire of a year, but you have the chance to turn it around and go down in history as a hero and a savior of this wonderful country and potentially the world.

The joker has made poor decision after poor decision to a point where it’s blatantly obvious that he’s intentionally trying to suppress the constitutional rights of the MAJORITY of Americans. We as a nation have been lied to so much that many of us don’t know what to believe anymore while others find it more and more difficult to distinguish between true and false. We’ve been pulled out of global organizations focused on saving the planet and bettering humanity on the premise of our nation getting the worse end of the deal.

Here’s where you come in. Pledge to us, your fellow Americans of all colors: black, brown, yellow, red, blue, purple, AND white; that you will not just fight for but will restore REAL justice in this country. Justice for all of us because we are all citizens of this country and this world and we have to share it with each other. You don’t even have to run on a platform of defeating him. Simply run on Honesty, Love, and Union, not just of any particular people, but all people. Because we as a whole are sorely lacking in all of those departments. We have been deprived of those core values from our highest elected government official for the last 4 years. And it’s clear as day that we are sick and tired of it. African-Americans in particular have been targeted and oppressed and beaten and killed because we are seen as less than and not equal to. I don’t have to tell you this comes from decades if not centuries of misguided teachings and hate passed down from generation to generation. Until we get to the root cause of the issue and address the lack of empathy and love in this world, we may never know true peace and prosperity.

If you can deliver on the promise of justice then I guarantee you there will be peace because it’s all we ask for, all we cry for and all we die for.
It’s true, voting is the best way for the people to bring about change. But I’m sure you’ve noticed that the president carries an enormous amount of influence. People (elected and public) follow the lead of their Commander-in-Chief. When that leader refuses to denounce white supremacy, tiki torches sell out in stores. But, if a leader promotes love and healing and understanding, that effect is felt by all of us. So I ask you to please be the change we want, need and deserve. This country got its name for a reason. Unite these states of America. Bring us together so we can all lift each other up. Then as a whole we can stimulate the economy, improve the education system and reform law enforcement systems. We can end systematic racisim and prejudice. Then we can work to save this planet that we ALL call home.

My head aches but my heart hurts for my people. And my people are all people. Nothing will change until those with the privelege and the power use it to make a real difference and better the lives of their fellow man. Greed and hate have held this country and this world in it’s grips for far too long. We can’t breathe.

But I believe it’s never been clearer how to correct the course we are on. Even if you aren’t the hero everyone wants, please be the hero we all need.


Lately… I’ve been…I’ve been thinking. I want the world to be happier. I want to see it’s residents working together for the benefit of all.
So how does one even attempt to do that? What type of energy should one put forth into the universe to strive for such an ambitious notion? Let’s see.
I’ve noticed for some time now that there’s always a side to take. Lines are drawn and you have to choose. Once you do, you have clear allies and even clearer enemies. And I won’t lie, I’ve occasionally felt pressure to pick one of those sides. Sometimes I do, in order to appease my challenger, and other times I refrain and revert to a more passive self, not wishing to agitate anyone at all.
But that doesn’t feel right to me. It doesn’t feel natural. I don’t believe sides are the answer. I don’t believe one side is right or must defeat the other. To me that sounds counterintuitive and counterproductive. Red vs blue. Elephant vs donkey (so weird out of context). PPE vs lack thereof. Recycle vs screw it. At the end of the day it’s division. Long division if you will. Because it feels like we’ve been divided for soooo long…
Our problems in this country are profound and abundant. To me personally, it feels as though those problems stem from division. Rather than implement solutions to our country’s problems, we find a way to draw a line in the sand about which solution is the right one and then deadlock over it. Blocking the other side or overruling now then rolling back later, rather than possibly compromising and actually seeing progress or coming together to form a collective solution. I think we as a whole people in this country and the world can admit things aren’t going ideally and don’t seem to even be heading in that direction. That alone is a cause we could all get behind. Coming together and reaching an agreement to strive for a better way of life for all could potentially yield positive results for everyone. Example: We put a great deal of effort and financial backing into institutions like our military and law enforcement. That can be interpreted as we need to be more fortified AGAINST anyone outside of this country AND those inside this country. Right there I see us drawing a line between our country and the world as well as our citizens and those sworn to serve and protect them. Idea: Rather than bolster that which could be seen as intimidating, why not take a little more of that funding and put it into our education system and communities. Better schools and more abundant, productive activities outside of schools could churn out more productive members of society who will have more drive and opportunities to become individuals that wish to stimulate the economy and improve life domestically and internationally. And many of those educated intellectuals will certainly want to volunteer for the military or law enforcement to do real good in this world and prevent further harm to it.
Then perhaps the world will see we would rather provide it with smart, forward-thinking individuals who want to see the advancement of the human race moreso than a massive group with which we would use to police it.
Imagine if every country felt that way. Rather than police or terrorize each other, why not educate ourselves and each other. Stimulate the brains of ourselves and our youth. Create in them and us a sense of pride to be here in this world, this country, this state, this town, with those around us. Rather than trading insults or injuries, trade knowledge. Learn about one another so we don’t have a reason to fear one another. We won’t feel a need to draw any lines and hop to opposing sides then bicker over who hopped to the correct side.
I think we as a whole could strive for a better, happier tomorrow and I think we could do it together. We can put forth some positive energy and watch it come back million-fold.
What’s that famous, old adage?
Oh yeah: “United we stand, divided we fall.” Think about it and feel free to share your thoughts.