A Letter to 46

Mr. Vice President,

I hope this message reaches you, though I know you get millions of these on a daily basis.

I’m typically the type to keep my feelings to myself, and process them quietly. But as the world cries out in pain over another heartbreaking, unjust murder, I felt the need to finally speak my mind. Not just to my significant other, but to you and anyone else who chooses to read this.

I am a 30-year old African-American man whose entire life, like countless others, has been shaped by the dangerously unjust system by which “law and order” is enforced. Growing up in Long, Island, NY, I was told at an early age to stay away from cops. If I saw one, I was to run home immediately. It was a confusing notion for a small child to comprehend at the time. Police cars literally read, “Protect and Serve”. I thought they were the good guys. It wasn’t until a few years later, I understood that as a young black male, I was a potential target. With crime in my neighborhood increasing, my parents knew I was more likely to be profiled as a criminal.

Eventually, I became more inclined to stay home, developing hobbies that kept me indoors. Going outside meant I had to watch my own back, be constantly aware of my surroundings and give law enforcement zero reasons to look in my direction. It was not just police I had to fear, but anyone who was oppressed by the economic or criminal justice system of this country. Beaten down to a point where they felt the need to take what someone else had because they believed they were out of options.

I say all of that to say this: You say leaders listen, and I hope that’s true.You have a very unique opportunity here. The current occupant of the White House, let’s call him the joker (too much face makeup and a pension for anarchy…sorry DC), is making it exceedingly easy for you to win this election. You run on the platform of defeating him. Well, he’s basically handing you this election on a silver platter. Sure, 2020 is a dumpster fire of a year, but you have the chance to turn it around and go down in history as a hero and a savior of this wonderful country and potentially the world.

The joker has made poor decision after poor decision to a point where it’s blatantly obvious that he’s intentionally trying to suppress the constitutional rights of the MAJORITY of Americans. We as a nation have been lied to so much that many of us don’t know what to believe anymore while others find it more and more difficult to distinguish between true and false. We’ve been pulled out of global organizations focused on saving the planet and bettering humanity on the premise of our nation getting the worse end of the deal.

Here’s where you come in. Pledge to us, your fellow Americans of all colors: black, brown, yellow, red, blue, purple, AND white; that you will not just fight for but will restore REAL justice in this country. Justice for all of us because we are all citizens of this country and this world and we have to share it with each other. You don’t even have to run on a platform of defeating him. Simply run on Honesty, Love, and Union, not just of any particular people, but all people. Because we as a whole are sorely lacking in all of those departments. We have been deprived of those core values from our highest elected government official for the last 4 years. And it’s clear as day that we are sick and tired of it. African-Americans in particular have been targeted and oppressed and beaten and killed because we are seen as less than and not equal to. I don’t have to tell you this comes from decades if not centuries of misguided teachings and hate passed down from generation to generation. Until we get to the root cause of the issue and address the lack of empathy and love in this world, we may never know true peace and prosperity.

If you can deliver on the promise of justice then I guarantee you there will be peace because it’s all we ask for, all we cry for and all we die for.
It’s true, voting is the best way for the people to bring about change. But I’m sure you’ve noticed that the president carries an enormous amount of influence. People (elected and public) follow the lead of their Commander-in-Chief. When that leader refuses to denounce white supremacy, tiki torches sell out in stores. But, if a leader promotes love and healing and understanding, that effect is felt by all of us. So I ask you to please be the change we want, need and deserve. This country got its name for a reason. Unite these states of America. Bring us together so we can all lift each other up. Then as a whole we can stimulate the economy, improve the education system and reform law enforcement systems. We can end systematic racisim and prejudice. Then we can work to save this planet that we ALL call home.

My head aches but my heart hurts for my people. And my people are all people. Nothing will change until those with the privelege and the power use it to make a real difference and better the lives of their fellow man. Greed and hate have held this country and this world in it’s grips for far too long. We can’t breathe.

But I believe it’s never been clearer how to correct the course we are on. Even if you aren’t the hero everyone wants, please be the hero we all need.


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