Story Time – CHOSEN Origins Pt. 1

The dragon king, Arturus, grew tired of the barbaric, self-destructive homo-sapiens, beings that through their own power, helped evolve.

“They are ungrateful, and a danger to themselves and everything around them!” The mighty king would often proclaim. “They multiply and spread like a locust, devouring the lands they inhabit and the creatures they encounter.”

The dragon king and the clans under his rule had the power to eradicate this new, fledgling threat, but the raw, chaotic energy required would in turn destroy the entire planet, and quite possibly the surrounding universe. The risk was too great.

Evolving so close to the Source, humans learned to harness the energy of the planet as well. Fortunately, they were still young, and their magic primitive. But they used it, and grew with it nonetheless. Eventually, they waged war on each other, using this magic. They even attacked the dragons on occasion, though this was usually met with unbridled punishment. Still, it began taking a toll on the planet that birthed them all. 

Rather than resort to such a dire solution, the king settled on a different spell. One that would transport the dragon clans to a new world where they could live and flourish, without the threat of such resilient pests.

“Let the humans destroy themselves,” the king proclaimed as he made the official announcement. “They do not possess the power to affect anything more than their own little civilizations. The rest of the universe will be better off for it.”

The other clans were apprehensive at first, but they had all experienced the emerging crisis that was the human race. One after another, each clan fell in line, ready to bid farewell to the planet that birthed them. It was for the greater good. Planet Earth was special, in ways the humans would hopefully, never find out.

So, Arturus and his draconic advisors devised a powerful spell, and plan to leave the world they ruled for over a millennium, in order to find peace elsewhere in the galaxy. The spell took a full century to complete. As time went on, the dragons toiled in secret, retracting themselves from the known world and becoming nothing more than myth and legend to the ever-evolving human population. The dragons watched in horror as mankind grew more intelligent and even more violent toward their own. Their magic growing just as dark and unstable as their behavior.

Nearly complete, it was determined the spell would work, but as a result, the dragon population had to absorb all the magic currently flowing throughout the world, and the knowledge of such energy became nothing more than fantasy. There were, on rare occasion, sightings of dragons who happened to be curious or careless enough to be spotted by human eyes, but this only ended in conspiracy toward those who claimed to have laid eyes on the winged lords.

There were even stories of those who encountered and fought dragons on adventures deep within dungeons. Though few ever survived an encounter, evidence was sometimes discovered in the way of claw marks or elemental burns (For different dragon clans commanded different elements). 

In the end, the spell warped all of dragon-kind to a remote planet in a galaxy far from their origin. 

Here, King Arturus named their new home, Arterion, after his father, and his father’s namesake, their ancestor. Arterion was also the first dragon and one of the first beings to inhabit Planet Earth. An homage to both his familial legacy and their former homeworld.

The Source was drained and Man was left without magic, sending them back to the Stone Age to start over. Their magical history no more than legend, just as are the dragons themselves.


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