The Light and the dark

This universe and everything in it is contrived of balancing forces.Light and dark, yin and yang.There’s so much darkness in the world now. We often forget that there is always light to balance it out. We just don’t realize that the light doesn’t shine for us but from us.We must be the light that shines and keeps the darkness at bay. Instead, we see the dark consume our minds and render us scared, looking for anything that remotely resembles salvation to shine on us. We forget we are the light of our own world and neglecting it can cause it to dim and fade.When the world seems to be at it’s darkest, there is no better time to look within. For if we do not acknowledge our own light and darkness falls upon us, then we end up grasping at the next light to shine on us. You don’t know where that light is from or who is behind it, all you can do is reach out blindly and hold on because a strange unknown light is better than the dark.


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