I’m listening

I’m just going to jump right in. We don’t listen anymore. We stopped listening to each other and we don’t hear ourselves. When you listen to what someone else has to say, they feel valued, they feel like what they have to say matters, they feel self-worth. Listening to one another is up-lifting. We are a society deafened by ourselves. Social media has connected the world and given everyone with a mobile device a platform of their own. But if everyone uses it to speak, who is left to listen? While it does provide avenues where real communication can still flourish, much of that is overshadowed by the millions talking at each other, rather than to each other. One can be followed by millions yet heard by a handful. Sure these superficial means have superficial ends, but there are tragic means with tragic ends.We’ve seen tragedy strike when those that have sworn to protect and serve their community don’t listen when they’re told “I can’t breathe”, “you have the wrong house”, “I’m just reaching for my phone” “I’m just reaching for my wallet”, “I’m innocent” or “it wasn’t him”. Lives are lost…When we cry out to our own elected officials for change or reform, for equality or a fair chance, and yet all they hear are threats to their way of life, or the system that they created and maintain as the unyielding status quo.Peaceful protests for an equal and just society go ignored when a select few seize the opportunity to cause anarchy.It’s become too easy to be distracted by pathological narcissism when it runs the country and floods our media. Or when civil rights are ignored or violated by the pride, ego, and greed of those we’ve elected into office.We need to stop assuming we can sleep in the back seat while our elected officials take the wheel. We the people must be heard. Our vote is our voice but it is not our only form of speech. We choose our leaders therefore we must hold them accountable when they do not act in the best interest of all of us. We must make them listen. And if they refuse then it is up to us the people to choose those that will. If we are to be represented in the world by a chosen few, they must have our best interests in mind. And how will that be possible, if they do not listen?I choose to listen. I listen because I care. I listen because I understand everyone has something to say and it is worth it to listen. Communication is a key component to success. So know that when you, the people of this country, of this world, wish to speak, know that I hear you. I’m listening.


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