A journey into self produces the energies
Reborn in the form of untold prophecies
The hero no one wants but everybody needs
School em so hard
Had to sign their degrees
With skills I increase and ascend without fail
The power manifests in this young black male
Larger than life, but never drawn to scale

I stumbled into this pretty ironically
But I’m here now b*tch and there aint no stoppin me
So now I have see if this can possibly
take me to the top meteorically metaphorically
They’ll think a ni**a was a plant for the industry

But I’m just tryna breach the gates to reach the supreme
Riding on the faith as a black elohim
They accuse you of a scheme when you achieve a higher being
When really they have a problem believing what they are seeing
Rising to the top shattering the glass ceiling.
So they try appealing by throwing money at the ceiling
When in reality its ya soul that they’re stealing
Leaving you with a sense that there is no better feeling

So I’ll command their respect, its the best place to start.
Cosmic energy and the body never part.
Appeal to the stars with a genuine art
Spreading wings of light as the angel thou art
Evolving in a sense that strikes fear in their heart.

Enemies do their part looking for ways to attack
You when you’ve risen high above the pack
It’s lonely at the top when youre standing on a stack
Of haters looking up forming a devious pact.
To remove you from your place where you stand as a king
No matter how much happiness you think that you bring.
They all show disdain like you hold the one ring


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