It can be argued that division is the root of all of our current issues. We allowed ourselves to be divided by politics which has had dangerous repercussions.
We must unite as a people and use our collective power to elect leaders that have our nation and our world’s best interests at heart. In the end, we will all prosper.
We cannot as a people move forward in civilization until we come together. The benefits of unification have been see throughout world history.
This country literally has United in its name. We are states of different people but we are all people of the these united states. A multi-national, multicultural, multicolored country. We are supposed to be setting an example for the world. This country was founded as a haven safe from the persecution and discrimination of ideas and ethnicities. Our forefathers were not the best people. They did horrible things. There is no excuse for enslaving another human being and that is the point I am trying to make. The idea and concept this country was founded on was the freedom to live without fear for thinking differently AND being different. That idea and concept still holds true today. We are the many United as one. A land for people from all over the world to find a place to flourish and live as who they are meant to be. And it doesn’t stop here. We are all the people of this planet. We all come from the same place in this universe. We will never truly see the rest of it if we cannot unite our tiny ball in the solar system. If a United country can be this great. Imagine what could be accomplished as a United planet. The entire world working together to advance every facet of our way of life.
The various inequalities of the world are holding us back from reaching and surpassing our greatest potentials. Throughout history we have seen divided nations unify to become powerful and prosperous. Time and time again, we have witnessed the results of what it means to come together. They all may not have been unified through peaceful means and neither did we but we must learn from it. Violence does not have to be the sole path to unification. We have an international space station just outside our atmosphere, a testament to what can be accomplished when we work together as a whole. Working together, we could save this planet and then reach out to so much more.


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